General & Admission

What programmes are available at Univaf Platform?

Univaf offers the following


  • BA – Business Management
  • BA – International Technology
  • BA – Information Technology E-commerce
  • BA – Information Technology-Web Design
  • BA – Psychology

Master / MBA

  • Educational Leadership and Management
  • LLM – Master of International Business Law
  • Master of Accounting and Finance
  • MBA – Strategic Management and Leadership
  • Master of Data Science


  • DBA- Doctoral of Business Administration
What are the required documents?

Admission Requirement​
High School or Secondary School Transcript (English Translated)
English Proficiency (or Pass the Cambridge Test)
Reference letter
Passport or National ID
Resume or CV

What is the minimum GPA eligibility to be accepted?

There is no minimum GPA requirement.

Is there any language requirement? If yes, what is the minimum requirement?

Yes, All applicants can meet the requirement with the required score on an internationally recognised English test.

Exams & Assignments

Are all exams online?

There is no exam at all. All subjects will be diagnosed by assignment

If I want to take an exam on campus, Is it possible?

There is no exam at all. All subjects will be diagnosed by assignment exclusive blended learner

Can I take an exam instead of assignments, vice versa?

No you can take it. All subjects will be diagnosed by assignment exclusive blended learner

What is the weight of grade and assignment?

There are only Pass and Fail results.

Study mode

How can I study my courses?

Univaf provides all courses live and off-line teaching.

How does Univaf’s system work? Online? Off-line? or Blended?

It offers to have either online courses or common face-to-face teaching

What is Univaf’s online system technology?

Univaf’s blended learning is an online and on-campus integrated platform used for the application, modern education technologies, plagiarism system, fast-tracking and official transcript.

When can I start my program?

You may start the course anytime and anywhere. It is possible to take 6 intakes in a year.

Accreditation & Recognition

Is Univaf a recognized university?

No, Univaf is an independent platform which provides its own individual blended learning system, combining online and on-campus learning through the offering of internationally recognized universities and high-quality academic qualifications.

Which universities are Univaf`s partners?

Please click the link to see Univaf’s Partners

Is my diploma given by the university or Univaf?

By the University.

Tuition Fee

Is the tuition fee the same for all programmes?

Every program has different tuition fees.

Is there any application or admission fee?

Admission fee is £39, it is non-refundable.

Are there any installment options? If yes, does the amount increase?

Yes, installment is available. One time payment will be lower than the installment payment option.

Is there a refund payment if anyone does not get admission?

The payment will not be returned no matter whether you are accepted or not.


Is there any scholarship or discount?

Univaf offers a scholarship to all applicants up to %80.

How can I get a Univaf scholarship?

Just click the link to check requirements…