BSc (Hons) - Cyber Security

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Course Overview

Learners will develop their ability to

    • Apply analytical and evaluative techniques and to enhance those skills
    • Investigate issues and opportunities
    • Develop their awareness and appreciation of managerial, organisational and environmentalissues
    • Use management techniques and practices in imaginative ways
    • Make use of relevant information from different sources
    • Develop and encourage problem solving and creativity to tackle problems and challenges
    • Exercise judgement and take responsibility for decisions and actions
    • Develop the ability to recognise and reflect on personal learning and improve their personal, social and other transferable skills.
    • Qualifi Award of L4 & L5 (10 subjects) equal credit toward your degree to BSc Hons- CYBER SECURITY  top up (dissertation process) at Anglia Ruskin University

Learning Outcomes

international law

The ability to read and utilise relevant technical and security literature (including threat intelligence feeds), hardware and software, with a proficient or developed competence
Understanding: the ability to think independently and solve potential overarching cyber security issues within a business or organisation
Apply subject knowledge and understanding to address familiar and unfamiliar problems in the cyber security and digital risk management domains within their workplace and/or sector.

002 briefcase

Recognise the moral and ethical issues of business practice and research; appreciating the need for ethical standards and professional codes of conduct, including in relation to conducting investigations, audits and incident responses.
An appreciation of the interdisciplinary and interdependent nature of cyber security within wider business and service provision, and broader operating environments and supply chains Capacity to give a clear and accurate account of a subject, in a mature way;

To motivate individuals to progress to further professional development and advancement through future study or as part of their chosen career
To instill and embed a sense of understanding and respect of the global nature of the cyber threat environment; as well as the criticality of respecting, anticipating and learning from diverse, international business practices and the global operating context.
To engender positive digital citizenship, inculcating an ethos of understanding responsibilities and exercising personal and organisational ‘rights’ in an ethical, responsible and sustainable manner


engage in credible debateanddialoguebothwithspecialistsandnon-specialists inrelationtocybersecurity- related issues and challenges
To develop transferable skills and knowledge – including in project management, business continuity management crisis management, disaster recovery and management and incident response - which will enable individuals to meet the requirements of, and successfully manage/lead, major business incidents


The overall learning objective are

  1. To equip individuals with the knowledge, understanding and skills required for success in information-security-related employment
  2. To enable progression into a university approved Level 6 Degree award
  3. To provide specialist study relevant to individual vocations and environments in which learners are currently working, or to which learners are aiming to work within business and public service sectors
  4. To develop learners’ ability to contribute positively to good and ethical practice in technology and risk management environments, through effectively utilising the practical and theoretical knowledge and skills gained
  5. To develop skills and techniques, personal qualities and attributes essential for successful performance in working life and thereby enabling learners to make a positive contribution to their employment and therefore enhance their prospects for promotion and remunerative advancement
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Career Opportunities

Primary areas of employment include

  • – Security Consultant
  • – IT Security Analyst
  • – Ethical Hackers
  • – Ethical Hackers
  • – Penetration Tester
  • – Security Systems
  • – Administrator
  • – Cybersecurity specialist
  • – Cybercrime analyst
  • – Incident & intrusion analyst
  • – IT Auditor
  • – Cybersecurity engineer
  • – Cybersecurity architect


To begin, here are the top cybersecurity job titles and their average salaries, according to CyberSeek:

  • – Cybersecurity analyst: $107,500
  • – Software developer/engineer: $110,140*
  • – Cybersecurity consultant: $92,504
  • – Vulnerability analyst/penetration tester: $101,091
  • – Cybersecurity manager/administrator: $130,000
  • – Network engineer/architect: 83,510*
  • – Systems engineer: $90,920*
  • – Senior Software Developer: $151,960
  • – Systems Administrator*: $80,600


* Salaries marked with (*) came from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The Learning Outcomes Of The Diploma Are

1- The ability to read and utilise relevant technical and security literature

2- Applying subject knowledge & understanding to address familiar and unfamiliar problems.

3- An appreciation of interdisciplinary nature of cyber security within business provision

4- Instil a sense of respect and understanding of the global nature of the cyber threat environment


  • Cyber Security Threat and Risk
  • Network Security and Data Communications
  • Database Security and Computer Programming
  • Incident Response, Investigations and Forensics
  • Security Strategy: Laws, Policies and Implementation
  • Cyber Security Threats and Risk: Banking and Finance
  • Cryptography
  • Digital Investigations and Forensics
  • Communications and Incident Management
  • Strategic Leadership
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Admission Requirement

  • Passport or National ID
  • Resume or CV
  • Reference letter
  • Personal Statement
  • High School/Bachelor Transcript (English Translated)
  • English Proficiency-Minimum requirements DUOLINGO 105/160 or IELTS 6.5/9 orTOEFL 80/120 or Cambridge English Placement Test CEPT) 40/50 etc.


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