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Course Overview

Learners will develop their ability to

The aim of the degree in MSc Psychology is to provide learners the opportunity to acquire a broad range of knowledge and understanding and develop a range of skills essential for a successful career in Psychology.

There is also the opportunity to progress to a higher-level qualification in law. The suite of degree in this sector will aim to provide the underpinning knowledge of the psychology.


Qualifi Award of L7 (6 subjects) equal credit toward your degree to Msc Psychology top up (dissertation process) at Leeds Beckett University.

Learning Outcomes

international law

Equip students with an understanding of the multiple perspectives in psychology, including a scientific understanding of the mind, brain and behaviour.

Engage learners in the analysis of contemporary issues in different fields in psychology and encourage students to learn and apply knowledge from current research

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Promote the ability to critically evaluate methodologies, ethical, conceptual, cultural, historical and current insights from core subject areas

Support students to develop knowledge and abilities in transferable areas, such as independent critical, creative and strategic thinking, confident decision-making and analytical skills, and communication skills

Provide students with an opportunity to learn in a stimulating and engaging environment, to promote employability, reflectiveness and self-awareness, through academic experience and a problem-solving approach


Equip students with the knowledge and tools to be independent successful learners, confident individuals and responsible global citizens, and therefore ready for a career in Psychology and other associated professions

Support students’ personal and professional journey through supervision and activities that allow them to put into practice the knowledge acquired throughout the programme.


The overall learning objective are

  1. Understand different perspectives of psychology area.

  2. Understand aims and general principles of Pyschology

  3. Understand the principles underpinning the development of positive relationships with children, young people and adults
  4. Understand & Use scientific reasoning to understand and interpret psychological development
  5. Understand and Describe essential concepts, principles, and overarching themes in psychologyUnderstand the principles underpinning the development of positive relationships with children, young people and adults.
  6. Interpret, design, conduct, and critique psychological research while integrating relevant cultural and sociopolitical variables
  7. Engage in innovative and integrative thinking and problem solving
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Career Opportunities

Primary areas of employment include

  • – Educational psychologist
  • – Management roles
  • – Motivational speaker
  • – Forensic psychology
  • – School psychology
  • – Sports psychology
  • – User experience researcher
  • – Industrial-organizational psychology
  • – Product or brand market researcher
  • – Private healthcare education.
  • – Educational program researcher
  • – Training and development.
  • – Mental health support.
  • – Career counseling.
  • – Human resources
  • – Social work
  • – Behavior specialist
  • – Professional coaching
  • – School psychology
  • – Guidance counselor
  • – Therapy and counseling.
  • – Corporate trainer.
  • – Clinical psychology

The Learning Outcomes Of The Diploma Are

1- Understand the role and features of assessment for learning.

2- Ability to communicate ideas clearly and fluently orally, visually, and in writing

3- Capabiility to conduct data analysis using basic analytic techniques, and to report the results using conventions of the discipline

4- Understand the principles underpinning the development of positive

relationships with children, young people and adults


  • MPS 1.1 Psychoanalysis and Mental Health
  • MPS 1.2 Exploring Psychology
  • MPS 1.3 Cognitive and Biological Psychology
  • MPS 1.4 Qualitative Research Methodology
  • MPS 1.5 Social and Cultural Psychology and Psychology of Human
  • MPS 1.6 Rehabilitation Psychology
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Admission Requirement

  • Passport or National ID
  • Resume or CV
  • Reference letter
  • Personal Statement
  • High School/Bachelor Transcript (English Translated)
  • English Proficiency-Minimum requirements DUOLINGO 105/160 or IELTS 6.5/9 orTOEFL 80/120 or Cambridge English Placement Test CEPT) 40/50 etc.


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